Transportation Services for the Army - Navy Game

  • Pick up and drop off at the Airport (if needed).
  • Pick up and drop off at the Game.
  • Pick up and drop off at Pre and Post Game Parties.
  • Pick up and drop off for meals (we can make recommendations).
  • Pick up and drop off for other area attractions (we can make recommendations).

History of the Army - Navy Game

Like the city of Philadelphia itself, the annual college football match-up between the U.S. Military and Naval Academies, colloquially known as the Army-Navy Game, has a long history and is one of the most attended rivalries of college football.

Since the Army-Navy Game’s inception in 1890, Philadelphia has hosted the match far more than any other venue. Roughly equidistant from both West Point and Annapolis, Philadelphia was considered a prime location, as organizers hoped relocating the game away from the campuses of either academy would diffuse tensions and encourage good sportsmanship.

Since the turn of the 20th century the Army-Navy Game has been a city-wide event, with hotels and homes bedecked in the blue, yellow, and gray of West Point or the blue and gold of Annapolis, while citizens and tourists alike flooded the streets of Philadelphia carrying badges and pennants to show their allegiance to either academy.

The players themselves, accompanied by marching bands and their respective mascots, the Navy Goat and Army Mule, flock to the Philadelphia attractions. Traditionally, the Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of War attended as representatives of their respective departments and the game also drew many governors, mayors, and other political notables. In addition, the game is also a significant event on the East Coast social calendar, as special luncheons and dinners, including a Naval Academy alumni dance, surrounded the match.

We offer transportation services not only to the game, but for all pre and post game activities. Let us know the size of your group, so we can offer the best transportation options.